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Time: 18:00

Date: Every Monday

Learn to find your inner being, center yourself in it and become aligned with who you are deep down. This approach to meditation is founded on the concept that we as human beings have an awareness 'mind' where there are no time, space, focus or movement. This is a state of being that someone is in when he or she is asleep, has a near death experience, is in a coma or daydreams. In order to reach the deep state we need to 'disconnect' from our bodies and therefore it is required that you lie down and relax.


Very little is spoken but I do a guided meditation that takes you into the state of being where you experience a break with this reality, this body, this consciousness. Each one is allowed to follow his or her own journey with binaural music or music specifically chose to enhance the state of Being in nothingness.


I expect that a person joining the group will be non-judgmental, will understand or want to learn more about the one-ness between God and man, one-ness between human beings, animals, etc. and not use the meetings to promote a religious, political, or personal agenda.


Bring your own mattrass, pillow, carpet etc. as we lie on a carpet. If you want to find out if the group is for you or not, visit my blog and see if the content resonates with you.



Cost: free entrance



Meditation journeys

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